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Sabtu, 17 September 2011

Aelke Mariska and Lee Jung Hoon HITZ (?)

I can't stop thinking about that.
Can't stop to blow up my mind.
This feeling is so wrong.
I really want to put away it from my mind.
Because, I was really loose my control of my mind.

Why I feel like this?
I don't know
But I'm just a FANS
And always like that until whenever.
Nothing can change this, the important fact now.

May I feel, little bit jealous?
Don't tell me the truth. .
Don't tell me whats up on your mind.

Thats my feeling, and I have control on this.
Maybe I'm just a little bit jealous.
But, it's oke, I'm oke :)
Everything gonna be alright

I'm just a girl that doesn't have nothing
Just a girl that has a dream

So, this is cause why I feel jealous
But, they're seems perfect each other.

Be strong girl!!

a Picture of Aelke Mariska and Lee Jung Hoon

Aelke punya panggilan sayang ke Lee Jung Hoon, cute cat.
Panggilan yang sama untuk sahabatnya Rahel.
Yes, she said that they're just bestfriend.
Just it? I don't know

And this is Aelke's bestfriends

Cats. That the name of this picture.

The picture of Lee Jung Hoon.
Taken by Aelke and her bestfriend, Rahel.

Cats Portrait. The name of this picture.

Untuk foto ini, mereka kompak menjadikannya sebagai ava twitter mereka.
What's that mean?

Other picture of Lee Jung Hoon
taken by Aelke Mariska and her bestfriend Rahel

for the last picture, Aelke said that He is looks like Kangta, bit, here

with a label in photos D.E.A.R
What's that mean?
I don't know, .
I'm just trying to be fair

by : Claugita Andini (@githa_eunhye)

just info,
Aelke Mariska's blog :

2 komentar:

  1. oh my god..! i really2 jealous...!
    i hate her... >.<

  2. yeah, I'm really jealous too
    thanks for comment ^_^